Soap Cutting Day! Four New Soaps Unveiled!

In the past couple days, I made four soaps:  Avobath Type, Peppermint Tea Tree Pumice and Zeolite Soap, French Green Clay with Lavender & Tea Tree Soap, and Honey I Washed The Kids Soap.   Today they were ready to cut, so I thought I would share the joy of cutting them with you! Continue reading “Soap Cutting Day! Four New Soaps Unveiled!”

A Goat Milk Soap Called “Jane”

I think my husband was a monk in a previous life.  He likes everything plain and simple.   The same holds true for his soap.   He likes plain, un-fancy, un-scented soap.   He will accept goat milk, even though it might be a little bit sinfully decadent.

Last week I made him a batch of plain-jane goat milk soap and this week it was finally ready to unmold and cut.

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Cutting of “Birthday Party” Soap

 Of the two soaps I made this weekend, one of them was ready to cut today.  The other is a goat milk soap, so it will take longer to be ready for unmolding.   This one, however, slid right out of the mold with no issues today.

I posted yesterday about this soap and at the time, I wanted to call it “birthday cake”, but when I cut it, and as I was taking photos, it seemed more like a party, so I decided instead to call it “birthday party”. Continue reading “Cutting of “Birthday Party” Soap”

Soaping again…A re-stock of Pink Grapefruit Swirl Shampoo Bars

After a brief pause from soap making, I am back.   A couple of soaps finally cured and came off the drying rack, making room for more.  It’s a good thing too because I am almost out of my favorite Pink Grapefruit Swirl shampoo bars and needed to make more.  As it is, I might have to go without for a couple weeks while this soap finishes curing. Continue reading “Soaping again…A re-stock of Pink Grapefruit Swirl Shampoo Bars”

Cutting Green Tea & Baby Clean Soaps

It has been about 26 hours since I made the Baby Clean soap and approximately 28 hours since the Green Tea Soap was made.   Time to unmold and cut them and reveal the inner beauty!

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