Getting there…and moving on.

After months and months of making the same products over and over again, I am getting close to the end of that project and already starting to do my research and stocking up for my next project.

Today I received a haul from Camden Grey and LotionCrafter.  Tomorrow I am expecting a few things from Nature’s Garden, and perhaps Saturday, from Glenbrook Farms Herbs.

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Interesting Soap Adventure

I have been spending the past month or two getting ready for Christmas gifting, so not much soaping has been going on in my kitchen.  Now that the holidays are behind us and I still have a few days of vacation left, I am getting back into the swing and making some soap today.

An interesting thing happened with my first soap batch today, however, I choose to look at it as an opportunity rather than a total failure.   I mean, it is going to make a great blog entry if nothing else!  (All soap maker / bloggers know that when things start going really wrong — grab the camera!) Continue reading “Interesting Soap Adventure”

Organizing the Soaping Supply Room / Makeshift Apothecary

I have always dreamed of having an apothecary.   It is something I have wanted since I was a teen ager.   I never had the money or the space to do this — until now!    No, it looks nothing like I pictured, and it contains an awful lot of soap making stuff that wasn’t part of the equation, but it is getting there.   Now if my dear hubby builds me some proper apothecary shelves, I think we will be in business!


It’s a few days into vacation and I still have not had time to make many things.  I have been shopping for containers, had a dental appointment, had to do my regular chores and ended up going grocery shopping.   All that ate up a full 2 days of my vacation already.   It’s Wednesday and I have only made a couple of things  (so in other words, I am NOT on schedule).


Part of what I have been doing is picking away at organizing my soaping bath & body supplies.   I recently bought more supplies to keep me busy on vacation and to refill some of my low stock.    I was running out of places to stash all my stuff, and I couldn’t find anything anymore.    So what started out as a simple “unpack the new boxes”, ended up being a “rearrange everything” exercise. Continue reading “Organizing the Soaping Supply Room / Makeshift Apothecary”