Analytical Recipe – Walnut Facial Scrub

My niece, Andi, asked me if I could try to make her something like St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I decided to give it a try.

You see, surfactants and I don’t always get along.   They are finicky and I don’t really have as good a handle on using them as I do with lotions and creams.   I have had a few successes with them though, so I thought, “why not try?”

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Vacation Nov 2018 Wrap-Up

I’ve had such fun this week, enjoying my time off from work and relaxing by making Christmas gifts for my family!  I just love my free time as it leaves me feeling creative and ambitious!  (I wish I had such ambition for my day job!).

I thought I would do a little “wrap up” post to top of the week’s activities and to serve as a personal “vacation album”.

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Christmas for the Kids

Today was the day I focused on making some gifts for the kiddos on my list.

I have 4 great-nieces and 2 great-nephews to make for!  Of course they will be getting bath bombs, but they also like washes and lotions, and other bath & body products too!

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Vacation – Let the Fun Begin!

FINALLY it’s vacation time for me!  I have been saving up some fun just for this purpose!

I refilled my stash of bath & body ingredients, and have been patiently waiting for  vacation to arrive so I could play with my new goodies! I have SO much in store for this vacation!  I even have an itinerary all worked up. Continue reading “Vacation – Let the Fun Begin!”

A Thing a Day On Vacation – Vacation’s Over Round-up

As every vacation does, this one went by far to quickly.  I can’t believe it’s been a week already, but when I look back at all I accomplished in that week, I feel like I spent my time well.

This post is a round-up of all the things I made all week – this time with much better pictures. 🙂

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A Thing a Day on Vacation – The “what if” game

As I suspected, dinner brought on new ideas for what I should do this evening.  The requirements were:  1)  No pressure.  2) Quick and Easy.   3) Able to complete in 3 hours.

So I waved my magic wand and transformed some chemicals and organic ingredients into  a couple of “last thing on vacation” treats.

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A Thing a Day on Vacation – Tick Tock…The Final Countdown!

It’s the last full day of vacation for me to have fun.  So I spent today playing.   When the day started, I didn’t have any idea what I was going to make, but I decided to take on a challenge head on… more surfactants!

Surfactants have thus far been a fair-weather friend to me.   I have had some minor success with them, one glorious victory, and many failures.    So clearly, I need more practice!

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