Trying new things– part 1 — clay soaps

For the longest time I have wanted to make some clay soaps, but I just never found the time.    I have had some various clays sitting around for months, just begging to be used.   Well, this past weekend, I did it!      I tried a new thing or two!

My goal was to make a couple of facial soaps.  One for dry, sensitive skin and one for oily, blemish prone skin.   Good thing I had a couple of perfect clays for that.  And they turned out beautiful!

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Awapuhi Seaberry with Tussah Silk, Hemp & Shea Soap

Having recently acquired some new fragrances from Nature’s Garden, I was anxious this weekend to make them into soap.  I had purchased them to make bath bombs with, but had a change of heart.    I was inspired by the Awapuhi Seaberry fragrance, which was just begging to be turned into something colorful.

I decided to use tussah silk, hemp oil and shea butter in this recipe.  Since I have never worked with this fragrance before, I made a small batch and used a recipe that I knew wouldn’t seize up.     I am happy to say that the fragrance behaved perfectly.   I did get a coating of soda ash on the soap top, but it washed right off. Continue reading “Awapuhi Seaberry with Tussah Silk, Hemp & Shea Soap”