Happy New Year!

Hi all!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind of a vacation for me.  I didn’t do too much bath and body formulating, but I sure did a lot of knitting with my new machine!  Details are over on my other blog – LDKnitwear!

Still I did find time to make a few refills of various lotions and potions and found a good use for all that Sepimax Zen I bought (and don’t like). Continue reading “Happy New Year!”


Peaceful Forest Mala – Picture Tutorial

I have been making SO many malas lately, but I have never tried one that is knotted between the beads.  I have been using jewelry wire and wire crimps.  That makes lovely malas, for sure, but I wanted to try the traditional method of hand knotting.

I had tried and failed previously because my jewelry cord was too thin. This caused the knots to slip through the beads rather than securing them in place.  This time, I bought a thicker nylon jewelry cord, and had much better success!

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Free Tutorial – Mala Gift & Storage Pouches

I am getting close to my trip up north to see my sister and nieces for my sister’s birthday!  I am so excited because I haven’t seen them since Christmas time, and I have made so much for them in the meantime.

A few weeks ago, I made them each a mala and bracelet.    But I didn’t want to just hand it to them and say “here you go”.  I wanted to present it in a  beautiful package — ideally one that could also serve a utilitarian purpose.

This is a tutorial for the pouch that I came up with.  It’s very simple.  All straight line sewing, nothing fancy!   And the best part is that it only takes about 1/2 hour to make!

I’ll admit that I wanted a few of these myself so, when it comes time to put them away, I will have a special place for my mala collection as well.

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An Announcement and a Free Emulgel Formula! Celebrate with Me!

I had a number of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend, including a new batch of soap and lotion.   The fates were not on my side though.  Friday night, my scale went “kaput”. Without a scale to use, I had to change gears and do something else this weekend.  Seriously, I burn through scales like crazy.  This must be the third one in the past year!


On the knitting front, however, I have more progress to announce.   My new company – LD Knitwear – has completed the testing phase with the Dublin Mitts and Carousel Cowl patterns and published the patterns on Ravelry!  Hooray!

To properly celebrate, I have decided to offer a free formula for making my all-time-favorite-can’t-live-without-it-concoction:

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Tutorial – Coin Purse / Gift Card Wallet

I was missing in action last weekend because I took the weekend off — well — almost!  I didn’t blog, but I did sew.

With Christmas right around the corner, I decided to use up some fabric scraps and make little gift card / coin purses for my giftees.

I had a bunch of them to make up, but luckily, they don’t use much fabric and they take less than an hour each (even less time if you assembly line them, like I did). Continue reading “Tutorial – Coin Purse / Gift Card Wallet”

New Gel Experiment – Vitamin B Under Eye Gel

After my failed experiments with Sepimax Zen a couple of weeks ago, I continued my pursuit of a better way to make a gel that was non-sticky and didn’t smell like a plastic factory. That pursuit led me to order some “Preneutralized Carbomer” from Lotioncrafter.

Pre-neutralized carbomer is a sodium carbomer that does not have to have the pH adjusted  in order to turn into a gel.  I read the data sheet on it and it is apparently a product called PNC 400.  There are other carbomers that do require you add something to raise the pH in order to get them to gel, but the pre neutralized kind sounded much easier to me, and it was inexpensive, so I bought some.

Today my Lotioncrafter package arrived, so tonight I whipped up a batch of gel. Continue reading “New Gel Experiment – Vitamin B Under Eye Gel”

Cotton Tail – Inexpensive Lotion for Kids – Free Formulation

For Christmas this year, I am making each child (ages 8 to 16) on my list their very own 8 ounce bottle of lotion.   They will also be getting 1/2 dozen bath bombs and other miscellaneous sundries.

Because kids aren’t frugal with their products (they tend to slather it on, and some of it get spilled or wasted), I didn’t want to spend a fortune formulating a complicated lotion for them.  I did, however, want to include some nice oils and ingredients that are great for kids skin (well, anybody’s skin for that matter).

For kids, you don’t have to load up with a lot of things that older skin needs to have.  Those can quickly raise the production price.  You only need to formulate a product that will be gentle and moisturizing.

I thought I would share this formula in case anyone one else would like to treat some children on their gifting list. Continue reading “Cotton Tail – Inexpensive Lotion for Kids – Free Formulation”