Sanitization – Two Methods

When making soap, cleanliness is important, of course, but when making lotion, you need to achieve another level of cleanliness — which is sanitization.

To “clean” something means to wash away the debris.  Think of it like washing your dishes by hand.  The warm soapy water and agitation with a wash cloth removes the dirt, grease and grime, but the rinse water can contain bacteria.   The dish towel you wipe the dishes dry with can also contain bacteria.  So the dishes may be “clean” but they are not bacteria-free.

To “sanitize” something means that the item is clean, but also has had about 99% of the bacteria killed off.  Think of it like washing your dishes in the dishwasher — the intense heat and duration of exposure to the heat kills the bacteria. Continue reading “Sanitization – Two Methods”

Analytical Recipe – A Possible Dupe for Cetaphil Lotion

While Cetaphil is not the most luxurious lotion in the world, nor the most costly, it is something I have gone through a lot of at my house.  I have used much less since I started making my own lotions, but I still use it from time-to-time when I want an unscented moisturizer.

I don’t spend nearly as much money on it as I used to, but I wanted to try to duplicate the recipe just the same.  It’s fun, educational, and rewarding to do! Continue reading “Analytical Recipe – A Possible Dupe for Cetaphil Lotion”

Home Spa Formulary – Free Sample Chapter – Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains

My new book, Home Spa Formulary – Versatile Recipes for Bath, Body and Home, was published this week on    In order to promote the book, I am offering this free chapter so you can sample a wonderful recipe and get a feel for the overall style of the book.

This book offers over 56 recipes and countless combinations of options that will allow you to make many more variations of each product.  Plentiful inspiration is offered for different combinations of ingredients so that you can customize the recipes and make them your own, tailored for your own unique preferences and skin type.


Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains:

Natural cleansing grains are all the rage these days. High end beauty product lines, fancy stores, and boutiques all seem to carry them. Unfortunately, they often come with a hefty price tag. For the price you would pay at one of these stores, you can have a year’s supply or more of your own brand of cleansing grains that is tailored for your specific skin type and preferences. Continue reading “Home Spa Formulary – Free Sample Chapter – Goddess Glow Cleansing Grains”

Tincture Session

I made up a batch of tinctures today.   Having recently acquired some new herbs, I wanted to try them out but some of them are a bit too bitter or earthy for me in tea.   I still want to reap their benefits, however, so I made them into tinctures.

I made 8 tinctures in all.  They won’t be ready for 6 weeks, but at least I got them started.

Here is what I made: Continue reading “Tincture Session”

Anatomy of a Soap Recipe

If you are a new soap maker, you might be looking to expand your horizons and experiment with your own soap recipes.   In order to do so, you will need to use a soap calculator so that you can figure out how much lye is needed to turn your oils into soap.

There are many soap calculators that you can use, but today I am focusing on since that is the one I use most often.   While there are others, which are good soap calculators and might be a bit simpler to use, I find soapcalc to be the least confusing while still offering the most information about the oils I choose to use.  Let me demonstrate. Continue reading “Anatomy of a Soap Recipe”

Silky Oats Cream Recipe

I am back to the drawing board with making lotions again.   I have made a few experimental lotions so far and while they are nice and work great, they just don’t have that creamy consistency I am looking for yet.  They are all turning out too light and fluffy.

So tonight I tried a different approach.  I stick blended less and I didn’t use a co-emulsifier.  How did it turn out?  Well, so far…so good! Continue reading “Silky Oats Cream Recipe”

Sweet 16 Cream -New Experimental Lotion Recipe

Tonight I was feeling experimental, so I concocted a new cream recipe and did some experiments on it.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens to it tomorrow.  I may have pushed the envelope too far, or it could be great.  Only time will tell.

I decided to call this “Sweet 16 Cream” because I included many anti-aging oils and ingredients.   The essential oils blend I used smells sweet, innocent, and light – like a carefree 16-year-old (or a marshmallow) (or both). Continue reading “Sweet 16 Cream -New Experimental Lotion Recipe”