What a weekend it was!

Time again for my weekly wrap-up!   It was quite a weekend.

Friday night I made two soaps:  Spearmint Patchouli and Carrot Ginger Orange.

Saturday I made 4 lotions – Dry feeling lotion, luxury facial cream, luxury facial lotion, luxury conditioner.

Today I made one more soap (Dragons’ Fire) and got my pictures taken and measured the pH of my lotions.

I’d say I had a great time!  I love my weekends!    And next week is a long weekend because I am taking July 3rd off work (the day before the US Independence day Holiday). So I will have a 4 day weekend!  Can’t wait! Continue reading “What a weekend it was!”

Weekend Roundup – June 11 Edition

Time for a wrap up.  The weekend is already over (sadly). It was a productive weekend, however, as I made 6 lotions and got them all photographed.

I think these won’t be the final pictures though.  It was sunny today and I can’t get good enough pictures unless it is cloudy out. Continue reading “Weekend Roundup – June 11 Edition”

Weekend Round-Up – Four Lotion Successes!

Despite a couple of delays (that I posted about yesterday) I was able to catch back up today and get a couple more lotions made.   I made 2 more lotions today, for a grand total of 4 this weekend — not too bad!

Friday and yesterday, I posted about the Hempseed Lotion / Conditioner and the Honey Buttercup lotions I made.   Today’s post is about 2 new lotions made today. Continue reading “Weekend Round-Up – Four Lotion Successes!”

Honey Buttercup Lotion

Despite many frustrations today, I was able to pull off a single lotion making endeavor.  I wasn’t sure what to call this one. The fragrance is Brambleberry’s Wildflower Honey.  It is a beautiful floral / honey scent that reminds me of sweet little Grace Ingalls running (and tripping) through the meadow in the opening scenes of Little House on the Prairie.

When I decided to add a little touch of colorant, it took on this gorgeous, gentle buttery colored hue, so I decided for now to call it “Honey Buttercup”.  I toyed with the idea of calling it “Grace” but felt maybe I was getting too obscure. Continue reading “Honey Buttercup Lotion”

Time for a Refill!

Around Christmas time, I made a hemp bergamot cream.   I have been using it for months and was down to my last bit of it, so tonight I revisited the recipe to make some more.

Since I made it the first time, I have acquired a few new ingredients, so I reformulated the recipe to include more skin goodies.  I wanted to make this into a dual purpose intensive body cream as well as a deep conditioning hair mask / conditioner this time.

I decided to call this one “Tsunami” because it drenches you in waves of moisture. Continue reading “Time for a Refill!”

And, we have reached the finish line!

Hooray!   I am finally done with all my 56 remakes and am moving on to the next phase!   It took months, and some things had to be made more than once, but my persistence has finally paid off.

With this little candle, I am now done, and so happy to be starting next weekend with taking my final pictures of everything.   Continue reading “And, we have reached the finish line!”

Getting there…and moving on.

After months and months of making the same products over and over again, I am getting close to the end of that project and already starting to do my research and stocking up for my next project.

Today I received a haul from Camden Grey and LotionCrafter.  Tomorrow I am expecting a few things from Nature’s Garden, and perhaps Saturday, from Glenbrook Farms Herbs.

Continue reading “Getting there…and moving on.”