The amount of fun you had is proportional to the size of the mess you made! A weekend wrap-up!

Wow, what a weekend I had!   I made 6 batches of bath bombs and two batches of soap!

I owe my sister a visit soon, and all the things I have been making for months are really stacking up!   My dining room and kitchen were a total mess, but the way I see it, if you didn’t make a mess, then you weren’t having fun!

My kitchen was absolutely encrusted in bath bomb residue.   My dirty dishes were overflowing out of the sink.


My dining room table (which seats 8 people) is covered with drying bath bombs.


My soap drying rack and storage shelves are spilling over with products!


Even my little dinette table is a wreck because that is where I photograph all the things I made.



It is probably a good thing that I will need to take a break from soaping, lotion making and all that.  I have no more room to put anything until I go see my sister and gift it all to her.    Next weekend I will be sewing, and then in just a few weeks I am making the trip “up north” to go see her for her birthday!


So, my friends, you may not hear much from me for the next couple of weeks, as I take a little break from “soapy things” and get some sewing done.  I guess I could post some pictures of my wristlets and pillowcases, but they are definitely not soap-related, so I may just put them on my other blog — homespun hobbyist.


Hope your weekend was as productive as mine, or at least as relaxing!   If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, please don’t forget about me!  🙂  Have a fantastic week!